What to expect when I walk in the door

We are glad you are thinking about visiting us! We understand that the first visit can be a little scary, so let us take a second to walk you through a typical Sunday at Rock of Ages. As you pull into our driveway on E. Campbell Road, you will see our building. There is a circle where you can feel free to drop off your family at the door. You will enter through the glass double doors. As you enter the doors, we will greet you with a smile. You'll see an area off to your left where there is coffee and refreshments. Feel free to grab a cup of coffee, have a seat at one of the tables, and make yourself at home! You'll see coat racks at the other end of the gathering area, straight in front of you. You'll see bathrooms on your right as well as a nursery. You'll also see the worship area to the right.

What to expect in church

When you are ready to enter the worship area, ushers will hand you a guide to our worship service and answer any questions you may have. As you enter the worship area, you'll find plenty of seating. Sit anywhere that feels comfortable. You will hear organ and/or piano music. Worship begins at 9:30. Once the service begins, you will hear our pastor introduce the theme for the worship service that morning. You will find that the entire service is printed in the worship folders the ushers handed to you. We follow something called a liturgy, which is just an order to worship that keeps us centered on the good news of Jesus. We will pray some prayers. We will sing some hymns found in the red hymn books in front of you. We will read some readings and hear an explanation of one of them given by the Pastor. He works hard to ensure they are interesting and applicable to your everyday life. There will be an offering (please don't feel obligated to give). If it is the 1st or 3rd Sunday of the month the congregation will celebrate communion - something we'd be happy to share with you once we've had a chance to sit down, talk about it, and study God's Word together. And then we leave with the blessing of God.  Church usually lasts about an hour.

After church is over

After the worship service, we will have coffee and refreshments in the area that was on the left as you entered church. At 9:45 am Bible Study, Sunday School, and Teen Class will begin. You and your children are welcome to stay for that if you'd like. The children and teens (ages 3 years and up) will meet in rooms surrounding the area with the coffee as marked on the doors. The adults will hold Bible Study in the same room where you are eating refreshments. The pastor works hard to make sure that the Bible studies are interesting and apply to your life. The Bible study usually lasts one hour.

We will do everything we can to make your visit a meaningful one. If you have any questions, please ask us. We're expecting them and can't wait to meet you!